Replica Hublot Big Bang 38mm Black Dial Diamond Bezel Watch

Hublot’s Big Bang series was officially launched at Baselworld in 2005. It combines three different materials: stainless steel, ceramics and rubber, creating the brand’s “art of fusion” Hublot Watchmaking concept, and achieving Lingyu The classic design of the ship Hublot Watch’s great success. Last year, in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the birth of the Big Bang series, the Big Bang Integral Replica Hublot Watch was launched:

The Big Bang Integral all-in-one Hublot Watch is the first time in the history of this series to be equipped with an all-in-one bracelet customized by the brand. Its design fits the skin and brings a comfortable wearing experience. The overall style of this Big Bang Integral Hublot Watch continues the Big Bang design concept. The diameter of this Hublot Watch is 42 mm, which is consistent with the previous Big Bang 42 mm Replica Hublot Watches. The round case shape and the hollow dial design are classic and elegant.

Replica Hublot Watch

The Hublot Big Bang Integral Replica Hublot Watch follows the iconic “sandwich” case structure of the series, but does not use composite resin inserts. The entire Hublot Watch is made of titanium. The black composite resin lugs on the bezel and the two Except for sub-molded rubber crowns.

The buttons on the other side follow the design of the original Big Bang Hublot Watch released in 2005. These button designs provide inspiration for the design style of the bracelet. The connection between the lugs and the bracelet of the Replica Hublot Watches is embellished with intertwined sharp corners and chamfer elements and alternate polishing and satin finishes, which is very charming.

Replica Hublot Watch

The bracelet consists of three chains: a central chain and two horizontal chains. In addition, the distinctive design style of the bracelet also incorporates the design elements of the case. The edge elements not only echo the design aesthetics of the buttons, but also complement the cutout design in the center of the bracelet structure. The surface of the bracelet is polished and satin-finished. The chain is designed with chamfers and corners, giving it the same deep texture and visual contrast as the case and bezel lugs.

The Replica Watch is equipped with a HUB1280 self-winding movement, equipped with a Unico self-winding movement, equipped with a column wheel, a flyback timing function, a power reserve of 72 hours, and a water resistance of 100 meters. Revealing the glass case back can clearly see the movement of the movement.

Replica Hublot Watch

Summary: The design of the one-piece bracelet makes the original Big Bang series unique in appearance. This Replica Watch has an exquisite design and a complete shape that creates a harmonious visual effect. The natural beauty is immediately before you. In addition, the Hublot Watch offers three styles, namely the brand’s iconic black ceramic, king gold and titanium materials, which exquisitely and uniquely interpret the essence of the Hublot brand.